Zombie Games for Xbox 360

It is something of an anomaly that the human person can have the bipolar ability to love and hate his fellow living creatures. But thanks to our society, we have methods of quenching that insatiable appetite for killing something and not be guilty for doing it.

One of these ways is to play games and playing zombie games for Xbox 360 would surely whet your voracious appetite for blood lust.

There are a lot of zombie games for Xbox 360 and these are just some of the best games that can quench your thirst for blood and zombies.

Zombie games for Xbox 360

One of the zombie games for Xbox 360 that has made a phenomenal hit and is still a hit is the Plants vs. Zombies game. This is a tower defense action video game where you, as the homeowner, use a variety of plants to destroy an army of zombies and prevent them from eating your brains.

Many versions were released and the one for Xbox is the Xbox Live Arcade version which includes new game play modes and features.

Zombie games for Xbox 360The next on this list is the Dead Rising 2. This is an action game where adventure, horror and comedy are thrown into the mix. The protagonist of the game is Chuck Greene. His mission is to fight off hordes of zombies while he accomplishes specific missions.

In this game, you can manufacture and customize your weapons of choice. You are even able to unlock combo cards that show weapons that you can combine together.

Just like its predecessor, the boss fights are represented by psychopaths and to advance in the game, you have to kill them.

Zombie games for Xbox 360Not your cup of tea? Want more gore and blood? Not to worry. You can always play Left 4 Dead 2. This is a coop action horror game where you and your friends are cast as survivors. The setting is from Savannah to New Orléans and you have five campaigns to do. Your weapons may look old but it is not. It is equipped with better firepower to squash and kill those zombies.

The graphics are certainly something that would keep you awake even if you have quit playing for the night. So, better steel yourself against the bloodbath if you can.

Zombie games for Xbox 360This next zombie game for Xbox 360 is old by gaming standards but it can still make your insides crawl. Stubbs the Zombie in rebel without a pulse is a game where you are the zombie and you get to eat brains. This is one of the most accurate brain eating simulators for zombie games for Xbox 360.

You are Eddie Stubbs, you are shot by the father of Maggie Monday, your sweetheart, and you were left in the dark forest to die. Then, your son built a city on top of your grave. Disturbed in your restless sleep, you decided to take revenge on the people of the city. This of course entails eating their brains. The more brains you eat, the more you increase your zombie army. And you even get to eat the brain of your sweetheart.

If this is not your style then you can always choose this next zombie game. COD: World at War is a game set in World War II. Your enemies are the Nazi zombies and your mission is to annihilate them all. You are equipped with WW II weapons and technology that you can gain access to as you progress. You can find weapons along the way and pick up the weapons of your fallen Nazi enemies.

Zombie games for Xbox 360

You can knock yourself out in this game when you have a vendetta against zombies. It just so happens that they are Nazis.

There are still a lot of zombie games for Xbox 360 out there. The ones mentioned here just happens to be the most popular and in demand now. One or two may be what you are looking for. But don’t stop here if you have a taste for the undead. Or in this case, for brains.

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