Xbox 360 Memory Card

Xbox 360 Memory Card

If you’re a gamer who favors the Xbox 360 game console, then the Xbox 360 memory card is a must-have gaming accessory. This doesn’t come with the Xbox 360 though. You have to buy this little thing separately. But it’s for a good cause if you want to back up those game files of yours.

The Xbox 360 memory card device was created to make transfer of saved games, gamer profiles and content downloads possible from Xbox Live Marketplace to other Xbox 360 gaming consoles created by Microsoft.

Mixed reviews were given about this device. And it is up to you to decide whether it is worth shelling out a few more dollars to have this essential gaming accessory.

One argument that buyers have over this product would be its price.

It’s too expensive, they say.

But then, if you badly want to save that online game you have sweated over for 20 hours so that you would reach that sweet victory of conquering the end, would you not risk it to buy this memory card to save your victory and relieve it once again?

Or maybe, just maybe, in the middle of your heart racing game of zombies, the lights went out, you weren’t able to save your game because you had no memory card to do so?

This Xbox 360 memory card is expensive. But you have to weigh the pros and cons of not having this as a part of your gaming experience.

Some issues like incompatibility with other Xbox consoles and transfer of online gaming data is encountered in the memory card models of the 64 MB and the 256 MB. Taking this in mind, the creators made the 512 MB memory card that was pre-loaded with the Xbox Live arcade game Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved and in the newer ones, Worms. Then they also included a key chain carry case for this new model.

Another issue would be its memory. It’s too small, yes but before your thoughts spiral down to the negative, get this into mind first. Without this little thing, you can’t back up your game profiles and those very important games that you want to save. It is much more stable than that portable hard drive of yours.

Now, on to the good stuff.

When you own several Xbox gaming consoles at home, this Xbox 360 memory card would be your life saver. This little device can save you plenty of time when you are recovering your gamertag from one unit and transfer it to another one.

You can save your game data on this memory card, transfer it to the Xbox of your sibling and play multiplayer games with no hassle. The transfer speed is even faster than the 256 MB built-in memory unit of the newer Xbox arcade models.

This goes to show the lessons learned along the way.

After all, this is how technology works. If you don’t push it, there would be no future for the next-generation, out of this world gaming experiences for you.

Is it worth buying?

You be the judge.

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