Xbox 360 Capture Card Review – Hauppauge HD-PVR Video Recorder

Looking for a sexy capture card for Xbox 360? Check the video below for full instructions on setting up your capture card

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Update: You’re going to hear something about Amazon, please disregard it. Amazon has now updated their stock!

This capture card review will try to give you all the relevant information about this product so you can make your own basis on its viability for your video recording needs. First off, this product is the first known recorder that can store date in high definition and is capable of creating real-time h.264 compressed recordings that can support resolutions of up to 1080i.

This product is very popular with Xbox 360 gamers because it allows them the ability to record all their favorite game moments from their favorite 360 games. Who wouldn’t want to replay over and over how they defeated The Covenant in Halo 3 or the Horde in Gears of War?

Note: If you’re in for some kick-ass HD video recording that you think your computer/laptop can handle, then this capture card is a great choice. Otherwise, if you’re OKAY with the average quality video and have a limited budget, I suggest you go with the Dazzle capture card for Xbox 360.

Hauppauge Capture Card For Xbox 360Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR – Xbox 360 Capture Card Review

We found out that this product when used for the Xbox has a video pass through capability. This means there is absolutely no delay on the TV screen when creating HD recordings of your favorite Xbox games. Record as you play them, so to speak.

This is possible because this xbox capture card utilizes the component video input as well as the output to be able to record your favorite gameplay moments in real time HD while you are in fact playing them. There are easy to follow connector diagrams that allow you to seamlessly connect the cables you need quickly and correctly.

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Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR High Definition Personal Video Recorder

Here are the requirements:

1. Dual core PC or Laptop
2. 1G Ram
3. 256 meg Video Card

Now for those who have lower specs than what is required above you can still use this capture card with the technique I learned that is discussed right here: capture card faqs

Next, let’s talk about the pros and cons of this Xbox 360 capture card.


1. Video (resolutions up to 1080i) and sound quality is excellent
2. User friendly – even a 12 year old can set it up quickly and easily
3. Configuring to have the best results is as easy as pie
4. Only one USB port is required so it can also be used on laptops


1. Price – this is the major drawback actually. But if you’re really into capturing videos in HD, then it surely is worth it.
2. Powerful PC – it’s okay to have a low spec PC for capturing the video, but to watch and edit it, you need a powerful PC (see the requirements above).
3. Tons of cables – It has tons of cables attached but isn’t really a big deal.

This product not only allows you to record in crisp state-of-the-art HD but also gives you the option of burning using the Blu-ray format. Now you can also record your favorite TV programs anytime you wish. Aside from Blu-ray, you can also use a standard DVD disk that can have up to two hours of video recording. The HD PVR aside from component cables also can be connected using a standard definition cable as well as S-video, which allows you the ability to also record and save those old VCR tapes and transfer them to DVD or Blu-ray.

Click here to learn more about this Xbox 360 capture card:
Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR High Definition Personal Video Recorder

It can also work with different types of resolutions for the Xbox including 480p, 720p as well as 1080i. However, the only drawback is that it won’t record in full 1080p. It is quite easy to set up. In setting up your Xbox, connect it first to your HDTV and then turn on your 360 and go to the main menu, from there proceed to system settings then console settings, then click display. Once there go into HDTV settings and choose the resolution you want and your done. You can now connect the HD PVR using component cables and your good to go.

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