Wireless Xbox 360

You might wonder what this wireless Xbox 360 is all about and even if there are hundreds of helpful websites that explains what this is, you might still be confused with what you have read. You’re not alone.

Taking upon the task of compiling the data about this wireless Xbox 360, I found an easier way to digest the different things I’ve read about this and here is the result of my labors. May this be your guide in being in the know when it comes to the wireless Xbox 360.

What is it?

wireless xbox 360

The proper name for this actually is Xbox Live. This is an entertainment and wireless experience for the Xbox 360 console user.

This feature connects you with your family and friends by being able to download and play games and music from the internet to your Xbox console without the burden of using wires.

Imagine a world where you can just go online, invite your friends to play a game or swap ideas on different strategies and game plays when you do coop games and even exchange insights as to the ways you and your friends can improve your game play.

Sounds addictive and fun right?

Yes, it is.

Is it hard to set up?


You just need the following things so that you could set up your wireless Xbox 360.

Number one on your list (which, by the way, is the most vital) is to have your own high-speed internet connection such as DSL. Without this, then the goal of going wireless is not possible. But if you are able to fulfill this need then you have no problem proceeding on to the next.

You’ll need a router, gateway or a wireless access point (WAP) that is compatible with the Xbox LIVE. When you’ve established your WAP, you’ll want to have the Xbox 360 wireless networking adapter to complete your setup.

Have all that you need in hand? Then, setting up your wireless Xbox 360 console will be quick when you’re done reading this article. It doesn’t matter if you either have an original Xbox 360 console with wireless adapter or an Xbox 360 S console with built-in Wi-Fi. Just follow the steps below for your guidance.

  1. Configure your wireless settings by (1) going to My Xbox on your console and selecting system settings, (2) click network settings, (3) choose the name of your selected wireless network, (4) key in your wireless network password, and (5) choose yes if prompted to update your console software.
  2. After being successful with the configuration, you are now ready to join Xbox LIVE. You’ll need your high-speed internet connection and email address to do this. When you have done this, here are the steps to join Xbox LIVE: (a) go to My Xbox on your console and select your avatar, (b) click join Xbox LIVE, and (c) follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for Xbox LIVE.

Sounds easy right? Yes, it is. So what are you waiting for? Go wireless now with your Xbox 360 game console and experience a whole new side to playing with your family and friends through the wireless world of the worldwide web.

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