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Hello there, in this post I’ll be introducing to you what Xbox 360 is and I will give you a quick history about it too.

So what is Xbox 360? Well, most of you who are reading this probably knows what an Xbox is but I’m gonna give a quick definition and history about it anyway.

When I hear Xbox 360, all I can think about is playing games. This butt kicking video game console is actually created by Microsoft in 2001 when it was just called Xbox instead of Xbox 360.

This is the first gaming product of Microsoft that literally competed with the biggest names in the gaming market like Play Station. With its Xbox live put together, you can play with other players online and it is a must have for all gamers.

Xbox was developed in the 90’s by a small Microsoft team that included Seamus Blackley who was a game developer. It was mentioned in 1999 however the gaming console was repeatedly delayed. The game amazed everyone in 2000 when Bill Gates showed the Xbox in the Game Developer’s Conference.

The original name of Xbox is actually DirectX box. It is because Xbox is created by DirectX developers of Microsoft. However it was changed to Xbox because it was perceived as the more effective name for the gaming product.

The Xbox 360 was created in November 2005 which is also the end of production of Xbox. Basically, it was an improved version of Xbox. It has more storage, more quality sound and video. Games from the old Xbox can still be played with Xbox 360 through emulation.

Xbox 360 Capture Card

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