Games for Xbox 360


A strange thing to behold and an affliction of the human race.

These are just some of the meanings that we attach to the word. And one way of indulging this is by playing games. And games for Xbox 360 are no exemption to this.

The list of games for Xbox 360 is so long that you can get lost or even be daunted just by sifting through this. Plenty arepretty exceptional but there are those failures as well. But overall, games for Xbox 360 offer a variety of choices for each individual. You will not run out of choices. That is for sure.

You have to take in mind that this article will not cover all the games for Xbox 360, which is simply impossible. But what I can do is showcase the games that are the latest. You might not find the game you want in my list but you just might want to try something from it. It never hurts to explore and expand your gaming horizon.

Games for Xbox 360

Let us start with The Need for Speed: The Run. This is the latest installment in the game saga. The story goes like this: Jack Rourke is one of the best drivers in the city. But he suffers from arrogance that led him to a debt he cannot repay. Because of this, a price has been placed on his head. His saving grace comes in the form of Sam Harper. She is an ambitious woman who helps Jack by standing for him for The Run, a winner takes all race of $25 million. All Jack needs to do is win the race to pay off his debt.

As what the game tag says, there are no speed limits, no rules and no allies. It is just a cross-country race where winning is your only option.

Saints Row

Not the daredevil type? Saints Row: The Third might quench your addiction. This is the third installment in the Saints Row series. In this action adventure video game, you are in control of the Saints. From a street gang, the group has now become a media empire. From drinks to shirts to movies, they have become icons across the world.

One day, the group attempts to rob a bank and all went according to plan except for the bank tellers fight back. The group went to prison and when a certain crime organization took interest in the Saints, they bribed the police to release the boss and two others and negotiated with them.

The Saints didn’t like the terms. Chaos ensued. Lives were lost and three rival gangs emerged as a result. Your mission? Fight the rival gangs, save the boss of the Saints and emerge as the victor.

This game is never boring for it has three storylines that are interconnected and decisions made would affect the outcome of these interconnections. It is your choice how you run this game.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Another latest game is the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. Recently released, this is the latest installment to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. The game follows the open-world gameplay format and additions like the hookblade item that can access ziplines across different environments by the character, Ezio.

This game picks up where Brotherhood ended. The protagonist, Desmond Miles suffers from a mental breakdown as a result of the events from previous games. To save him, the assassins placed him in the Animus’ safe area. When Desmond meets Subject 16, 16 explain to Desmond that he has to play out the stories of his ancestors through the end. This would be the only way for Desmond to recover his true self and separate the memories of the three people residing inside his mind.

Three people. Three stories. One person to finish all three stories. How? It is up to you to do it and bring mental stability to Desmond once again.

These are just some of the latest games for Xbox 360.

Want to play all of them? Then better get started and satisfy your addiction for these games.



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