Best games for Xbox 360

Hey gamer, want to know the latest and best games for Xbox 360? Then, fret no more and read the best games for Xbox 360.

These are just some of the best games for Xbox 360. They have been tested, reviewed and approved by your fellow game addicts. You’d better thank your lucky stars that they took the time and effort to play the game and shared the plots of each game.

Really itching to read the best games for Xbox 360? Here it goes.

best games for xbox 360

First on the list is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If you started to play the first installment of this game until the fourth, then it is a must for you to play its latest chapter. The story begins by the return of the elder scrolls and the murder of the High King ofSkyrim. The empire of Tamriel is in tatters and alliances formed in order to claim the empty throne of the deceased king.

But this is not the main problem of the kingdom. A far greater threat looms over their horizon and they are known as dragons. They are an ancient evil that was thought to be lost forever between the passages of the Elder Scrolls but this is not so. They have returned and they would stay if the prophesized Dragonborn is not found. He is the hero born with The Voice to control these creatures and the only one who stands between them and the fragile future of Skyrim.

Tempted yet? I know you are. But this is just a touch of what’s to come.

best games for xbox 360

Next on the list is Batman:ArkhamCity. This is the sequel to the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game. The story goes like this. Batman is a prisoner in Arkham City, a super prison that is five times bigger than the original asylum in the first game. The city includes various industrial districts, iconic locations and even landmarks fromGothamCity. His mission is to stop crimes, caused by Joker, in this city.

There are many subplots included in this game and elements of stealth and predator tactics are incorporated in here. What’s more, the gadgets found in the previous game are upgraded with new capabilities.

Playing this game never gets boring as you uncover each plot and twist that layers this highly acclaimed game in the Batman saga.

Want more best games for Xbox 360? Read on then.

best games for xbox 360

If you’re hankering for something dark, twisted and evil, then Dark Souls is the game for you. This game revolves around the philosophy of risk vs. reward. You must risk your soul in order for you to advance in this game. If you lose then you lose your soul resulting in your death.

Dark soul takes place in an open world environment. This means that you can travel from one area to another and explore different paths. There are bonfires which you can light up to help you replenish your health, magic and special items likeEstus flasks. Your mission is to fight through various locations by defeating bosses to level up in the game.

You are on your own in this game for communication between you and your comrades is deliberately limited.

Another game that you must play in your Xbox 360 is the Gears of War 3.

best games for xbox 360

This is the last game in the current story and the third installment of the Gears of Wars series.

The game is a third person shooter that uses cover and squad tactics in combat situations. You can have a character that carries four weapons and you can swap your weapons with weapons of your fallen enemies or at stockpiles in the game. You can even tag enemy opponents so that your computer controlled allies can fire at them while your human allies will be alerted of their presence. You earn experience through kills, healing teammates and through campaigning.

These are just some of the best games for Xbox 360. There are still plenty of games out there and you’d better get started playing them all.

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