Best Capture Card for Xbox 360

Best capture card for xbox 360

Playing games could never be enough for someone who has been possessed by the creative streak. Or if not that, at least, want to save the best moments he has in his favorite Xbox 360 game. But how do you capture your heroic moments and convert them into a video for you to view again and again?


Just go and buy the best capture card for Xbox 360.

But again, you might wonder, what is the best capture card for Xbox 360?

Well, there are plenty of capture cards out there and you need to choose the one that is compatible with your Xbox 360 and your PC.

There are several choices that you can choose when it comes to having the best capture card for Xbox 360. How to choose? Well, the best course to take in this matter is how much are you willing to spend for the best capture card?

Let’s start with the Dazzle capture card. In the Amazon website, you can buy one of these cards at the price of $65.50.

The Dazzle capture card is one of the most familiar and popular cards used by people. It has incredible recording quality and a simple setup. This is also the capture card of choice when it comes to recording game plays. This is also good to use when you’re just a newbie in the recording your game plays.

You could use this capture card to edit your HD home movies. You do not even need any video editing experience to do this. The set up is easy to follow and there are video tutorials to help you understand how to use the product better. This is madepossible by the drag-and-drop interface of the Dazzle capture card. As for sharing your game videos when you’re done creating them? It’s so easy to upload it on to the internet and share it with your friends in an instant.

Another capture card that can be used for Xbox 360 is the HD PVR video card. This can record your game plays on to your PC and share it with your friends. What is nice about this product is that you can record your game in HD. This also gives you zero delay when you play it on your TV and you can even create high-definition video recordings by using this card.

But this is not the only feature of the card. This has its own built-in IR blaster that automatically changes the channel of your TV and records your favorite show. How cool is that? You do not need to go manual when it comes to recording. Just leave the device plugged into your TV, when you come home, you could watch your recorded show.

The price? $179.99. It’s a bit steep but it’s worth it if you plan on keeping your most memorable game plays for a long, long time and reminiscence on it or check it to improve your game plays.

After all, you would want nothing but to have the best capture card for Xbox 360 games. So why waste on something cheap when you can afford to have the best?

So go and buy the best capture card for Xbox 360.


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